Which activity tracking should I use if I have an iPhone?

With our Move2help app, we read your Apple Health total steps and cycle workouts. Total steps (runs and walks and step counting) is calculated at the end of the day to maximize your movements.

Apple Health: Best choice for iPhone users, and Apple Watch users. It tracks daily step totals and all bike rides. If you use Strava, Garmin or Mapmyride/run, you can connect those activities to Apple Health.

If you have a Fitbit device and an iPhone, the best solution is to install the Sync Solver app, which will solve all your sync troubles and connect your Fitbit data to Apple Health.

Which activity tracking should I use if I have an Android phone?

Strava: Best choice for Android. You can set up a free Strava account and use the Android app for bike rides, walks, hikes and runs. If you have a fitness tracker, you can import Garmin activity, Fitbit activity, Samsung Health and many other services into Strava.

GoogleFit: Allows Android users to track their daily steps when they are carrying their phones. Does not work for tracking other activities. It will only work for steps and be updated on the website the following day.

FitBit: We have improved the Fitbit support now and it's working great now for FitBit device users. Remember your steps for today won't be calculated until tomorrow so we can get those last couple before you go to bed.

If you don't have a fitness tracker, You can still track steps using your smartphone. Try using Apple Health (already installed on all iPhones) or downloading the GoogleFit app available on the Google Play Store.

Technology hates me, my smartwatch died and my phone fell in an outhouse. How can I record my hike?

You can manually add activities from your user dashboard. Scroll down to your activity feed and use the "Add an activity" form to record the date, time, type and distance in Kilometres of your workout. If all you have is your steps, divide your total steps by 1250 to get your total Kilometres.

Add an Activity

My calculated distance on my device is different than on my activity feed.

Depending on which provider and device you are using, sometimes we can't get a distance or step count. We still want to record kilometres for your effort so in those cases we use the following formulas: for bike rides without GPS data, we base it off of 20km/h. For step counts, we use 1250 steps/km.

Why can't I see myself on my team?

Make sure you have requested to join a team. The team captain will receive an email to add you to the team. Maybe send them a text or call if they haven't responded to your request.

My activity didn't update on my feed?

Please fill out the contact form describing your situation and we will look into getting the missing KMs uploaded to your profile if you believe your tracker is set up correctly.

I just bought someone a coffee but how do they physically redeem it?

All gifts are virtual and are considered a donation to the campaign. When the campaign is over, tax receipts will be issued by the organization associated with the campaign.

I created a new team and am now the captain, what does that mean?

As the team captain, you will receive email requests from other athletes to join your team. You can approve the team members from the team dashboard and even make some of your members co-captains if you would like.

How do I add people to my team?

You can encourage your friends, family and sporty people in your life to join as athletes and then request to join your team. There is a limit to the number of members that you can have on a team as athletes, but you can have unlimited people support your athletes through donations. Every team member needs to have an account with a unique email address.

My kids don't all have email addresses, what should we do?

The best experience is for everyone to have their own accounts so you can encourage each other. But if you would like to set one account for your family please keep track of everyones activity and you can "Add an activity" using the button on your dashboard activity feed. 

Add an Activity

Oh no! I forgot my password.

We got you! Visit this link to reset your password: https://move2.help/user/password

Where can I find my donation tax receipt ?

Once you buy someone (or treat yourself) with a gift, you should receive an emailed receipt from the association that you donated to. This is not an official tax receipt. At the end of the campaign, the association that is running the campaign will be sending out official tax receipts based on the total dollar value of the donations you made during the campaign. Keep your athletes supported by celebrating their walks, hikes, runs and rides over the campaign.

I have duplicate activities showing up in my feed? I'm good but not THAT good.

Please let us know if you are getting doubles and we can help remove the duplicates.

Thanks for using Move2Help! We're very proud of it. This platform was designed for people who want to contribute to issues they care about, whether they're doing the moving or showing support. We wanted to build a fundraising application that connected sponsors with participants, and donations to goals achieved. Every gift, no matter how small, makes an impact and should be celebrated. Move2Help is a product of Mellenger Interactive.